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Charger Cables For Apple & iPad

Apple Certified iPhone/iPad Data Charger Cables. 1 Meter & 1.80 Meter For iPhone 5 upwards & iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad Pro

iPhone 5 – 6 – 7 & 7 – iPad 4 – iPad Air – iPad Pro

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Apple Certified Cables

Apple Certified Cables. This cable fully complies with Apple’s design and manufacturing process, and supports the latest devices and software updates. The Lightning Cable can be safely and reliably used with your Apple device.

Although the market is flooded with cheap third-party Lightning Cables, consumers often report incompatibility with the latest Apple software, or find that the cables can only be used for charging. The quality of such products is a major problem.

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iPhone Data Transfer

The cable an iPhone, iPad, or iPod with a computer’s USB port for recharging, transferring high-speed data, and syncing photos. It can also be used with a USB charger, car charger, or power bank devices. The cable comes in different lengths and colors, including 80cm and 180cm, offered in Elegant Black or Simple White.


Cheap Cables Damage Your iPhone

Cheaper none verified cables can cause damage to your iPhone. Even if you have bought a cable and it works fine, over time it burns out the Power IC Chip in the Logic board of your phone. After using these cables you may notice the battery in your phone not lasting as lone or discharging rapidly. Some cables have burnt out the phone as soon as the user have plugged it in to the iPhone. Our Pqi Cables are Certified Apple Cables